In-Ground Pool Installation

Hot summer day, your skin is glued to your bones. You feel like you wrapped yourself in a comforter soaked in hot water. You feel as if someone sweaty is giving you an endless hug, and they are refusing to let you go.  How nice would it be if you had a pool?

Hours of free entertainment. The kids are having a blast; your teenagers actually want to be at home. A swimming pool will make your backyard delightful, relaxing, and fun without stepping outside your backyard. 

With over 100 years combined of pool building experience, you can trust our team of experts to create the perfect swimming pool. Clear Choice Contractors designs and builds custom pool solutions that reflect your individual needs and personal aesthetic.

From start to finish, Clear Choice Contractors use quality materials, equipment, and in-house skilled labor to ensure a superior finished product. All projects are continuously overseen to provide a high-quality gunite/shotcrete or fiberglass pool.

gunite pool viewed from side
overhead shot of custom gunite pool installed in ann arbor, michigan

Gunite Pools

A gunite pool is built to last forever. Gunite pools last the longest and have the best warranties among the various types of inground pools available today. It is true that a gunite pool is more expensive than other options, but keep in mind that it is built to last forever.  A Gunite swimming pool will give you years of enjoyment without ever having to worry about torn liners.

Gunite pools are versatile. Because of the construction method, there are no limits to what you can do with a Gunite pool. You can build a Gunite pool of any size, shape, or depth. You can get creative with the features: built-in bar stools, irregular underwater benches, sunbeds, and more. Gunite pool installation also gives you the option of incorporating family-favorite features.  You can add watercourses, spas, and waterfalls that enhance the natural look of your pool and transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis the whole family will love. 

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are custom designed and ordered to your specifications. Fiberglass pools offer worry-free maintenance – with minimal upkeep and no need to refill the water. The coating of a fiberglass pool is a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that inhibits algae growth. Fiberglass also insulates heat better than concrete and vinyl pools.

Fiberglass pools are quicker to install because these pools are installed in one piece. Once the shell is made, a fiberglass pool can usually be installed in about 1-2 weeks. Fiberglass pools require ideal conditions – especially for installer safety – but fiberglass itself is not as susceptible to adverse conditions such as rain or severe temperature changes.

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